Monday, April 3, 2017

The Benefits of Volunteering

For almost five years now, I have been volunteering at my local library, delivering library materials to those who can't make it to the library (due to disability, illness, etc.). It was one of the best things I decided to do, during what was, at that time, the worst time in my life.

I was going through a very tough time, and after a while, needed something to occupy my mind. Originally, I had wanted to volunteer in the children's area at the library, but when the library held a new volunteer meeting, they suggested I do the home delivery program (I did get to volunteer in the children's area after starting that, though).

I wasn't sure I really wanted to do the home delivery program, as I didn't have a license, but they said that was fine. There were (and are) three other people who are the main delivery people for the library.

After almost five years, I am so thankful that I did get to do the home delivery program. I met some really nice people, it brought me out of my shell a little (I am normally a very introverted and shy person), and I am doing something that I really enjoy.

On many occasions, some of the people I deliver materials to have said that they really appreciate what I (and the others) do for them, which makes me feel really good.

By volunteering your time, you get to help other people (and animals), and you get a rewarding feeling of your work, a sense of purpose and belonging. Volunteering may be free, but what you get in return far outweighs money. Your service definitely does not go unnoticed.

Volunteering actually helps raise your mood, you get to do what you love, you meet some amazing people, and you are doing some amazing work for your community. It really is one of the best things you can do!!

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