Friday, August 12, 2011


I love flowers. These were from an apartment by the local library. They are so pretty.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

50 Things You Don't Know About Me

  1. I'm afraid of death.
  2. My favorite color is purple.
  3. I love Italian food.
  4. My 2 favorite musical artists are Andrea Bocelli and Francesca Battistelli.
  5. I want to meet both of them someday.
  6. My favorite actor is Johnny Depp
  7. I want to meet him someday, too.
  8. I want to be an author someday.
  9. I got my very first cell phone this past April.
  10. I love rainstorms.
  11. I have never been outside of the U.S. before.
  12. My favorite animal is the horse.
  13. I want to live on a farm with my future husband and kids, and raise horses (and a few other animals).l
  14. I am addicted to knitting, and am starting to get addicted to crocheting.
  15. I didn't really like school, but what's odd is that I want to be a teacher someday.
  16. I'm really into linguistics, which is finding out origins of words.
  17. I have had only one major crush in my life.
  18. My favorite dessert is chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate?).
  19. My favorite candy bar is 3 Musketeers.
  20. I miss my elementary school days.
  21. I miss being a girl scout.
  22. I am a big advocate of disability rights.
  23. My favorite magazines are Girls' Life, Discovery Girls, American Girl, and Kiki.
  24. I'm a Harry Potter freak. I've read the books and watched the movies countless times.
  25. I believe in reincarnation.
  26. Photography, writing, baking, children, music, and animals are my passions.
  27. I have never been to Disney Land and Disney World, and I really want to go to both places.
  28. My favorite card game is Solitaire.
  29. I stink at doing cartwheels. I want to learn how to do one.
  30. I LOVE A Christmas Story.
  31. I was a bridesmaid in my oldest brother's wedding.
  32. My mom made my bridesmaid dress.
  33. I'm still afraid of the dark sometimes.
  34. Although, I'm a night out, and love the dark.
  35. I LOVE arts and crafts.
  36. I want to meet the cast of Harry Potter.
  37. Polar bears are my favorite wild animals.
  38. I rarely play video games.
  39. My favorite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
  40. My second favorite cereal is Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds.
  41. I am not a neat freak.
  42. I love bananas and strawberries. And watermelon.
  43. I have been to the north, east, and west, but not the south of the U.S.
  44. I really, really, really want to go to Europe.
  45. I have a lot of rings, earrings, and necklaces, but I wear earrings the most.
  46. I'm trying to love my body the way it is.
  47. I have lived in the same house, neighborhood, city, and state my whole live. I have never, ever moved.
  48. This may sound weird, but I love to sleep.
  49. I want to be a vegetarian again. The last time I tried, it lasted for only a month.
  50. I don't really have a 'favorite' flower. I like them all. Athough, who could say no to a rose or tulip?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Butterfly Project

The Rules are:

1. When you feel like you want to cut, take a marker, pen, or sharpies and draw a butterfly on your arm or hand.

2. Name the butterfly after a loved one, or someone that really wants you to get better.

3. You must let the butterfly fade naturally. NO scrubbing it off.

4. If you cut before the butterfly is gone, you’ve killed it. If you dont cut, it lives.

5. If you have more than one butterfly, cutting kills all of them.

6. Another person may draw them on you. These butterflies are extra special. Take good care of them.

7. Even if you don’t cut, feel free to draw a butterfly anyways, to show your support. If you do this, name it after someone you know that cuts or is suffering right now, and tell them. It could help.