Friday, May 3, 2013

Blog Every Day: Day 3-Things That Make You Uncomfortable

Things that make me uncomfortable. Well, there are a few things.

One: Heights. I am absolutely scared of being up high. Although, airplanes are ok with me, since I am enclosed and I know I won't fall out.

Two: Public speaking. I am a really shy person, and I don't like to talk a lot. So, if I have to talk in front of a group of people, then I stall and my mind goes blank.

Three: Spiders. I think it's the way they look, and the way they move. It's creepy.

Four: Being put on the spot. Especially when I'm not expecting it. Like with public speaking, I tend to stall and my mind goes blank if I am put on the spot, and I really do not like that. It makes me really uncomfortable.

Five: When guys seem way too interested in me. They seem to only be into my looks. And they tend to stare at me a lot, which I don't like.

Six: Swearing. A lot of it. I can understand the occasional swear, but when it's every other word, then it bothers me. I don't get why people have to use a lot of swear words. It does not make them seem cool, or smart. It makes them sound immature.

Seven: Nude scenes in movies. I know it's not a bad thing necessarily, but it just makes me uncomfortable. If it is not my partner (who is yet to come around; I am single at the moment), then I don't feel comfortable seeing people naked. It's just not right, to me.

Well, I thinks that's all. That is all I can think of, at any rate.

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