Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Beloved Kitty

To my beloved Kitty
You left the world today.
It hurt to see you go
But I know
You are in a better place.
It hurt even more
When you kept looking at me
With those big yellow eyes.
I will love you
And miss You always.
You had a good life
Here on Earth,
And will have a good life
Up in Heavan.
I will miss it
When you follow me around,
When you beg for food,
When you lay on my lap,
When you sneak outside when the door is open,
When you curl up
On one of your favorite spots.
I will miss it
When you watch the birds and squirrels,
When you run around the place,
Just for no reason at all.
You were my best friend,
And it will be hard to get over you.

*Written on September 25, 2009
We had her since she was abou 6 weeks old, and was 16 when we had to put her down. So it was very hard on me. She was my best friend in the animal world.

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