Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Life is a Journey

Life is a journey
We all go through.
No matter your age,
Or ability.
No two journeys
Are exactly alike.
We are all different
But also the same.
I may not look like you,
Act like you,
Talk like you,
Learn the same as you,
Wear the same clothes as you,
Or have the same skin color as you.
But I am a human being
Like you.
And I want to be treated like one.
I am my own person,
And no one can change that.
We all have our own experiences in life,
And no one can take that away.
We all experience things in life
Whether they are happy or sad.
We experience every emotion,
Every feeling,
Every thought.
We all have different points of views.
We all have different likes and dislikes.
We all have different ways of expressing ourselves.
Whether it be words,
Or Films.
That is what makes us all
Different and unique.
We may not be able to do something
Someone else can.
But we can do something
They can’t.
We can feel for others
With disabilities.
We can stand up for them
When they, or others
Won’t or can’t.
They can always
Depend on us,
And we can always
Depend on them.
We can lift them up
When they’re down.
And they can lift us up
When we are down.
We can’t always be there for someone
In person.
But we can always be there
In spirit.
We all go through
Good times,
And bad times.
Happy times,
And sad times.
But we have friends and family
Who are there for us
Through it all.
All of this
Is what makes life
A journey.

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