Friday, September 13, 2013

The 'Lost Generation'

I saw this article on recently, about a Syrian refugee camp.

What exactly is the point of war? Why do they even start? Wars hurt millions of people, innocent bystanders of something that people start because they can't get over differences.

Nobody deserves to live like this. Nobody. Especially children. They never asked to be homeless, they never asked to go without necessities, they never asked for war.

Why can't people just talk things out, in as calm a matter as possible, instead of fighting. Nobody will get hurt or die, it costs way less, and it is more effective than war. At least, it should be.

Millions of people are hurting because of something that they didn't start. They deserve better than this.

People are seeing things that they should never see and experience. They are traumatized by what war does.

Wars serve absolutely no useful purpose. I really hope this gets resolved soon. I hate seeing people suffer because of other peoples' actions. Because of other peoples' ignorance.

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