Friday, September 13, 2013

Five-Minute Friday: Mercy

I am linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for today's Five-Minute Friday.

Today's FMF: Mercy

We were given mercy
By God
When he gave
His only son up
So we can
Live a life
He meant for us to live
We take it for granted
Having this life
We need to slow down
Take a few steps back
And show some mercy
To those around us
We are not meant
To be cruel
But merciful
Toward others
Everyone needs
To be shown mercy
Because everyone
Is fighting a hard battle
In their own way
Even animals
Need to be shown mercy
They are not able
To speak for themselves
And are treated like
They are worthless
So take the time
To think about
What you are doing
And saying
And realize
What was given up for you
All those years ago
So you can have
A life worth living


  1. I remember the moment when I fully realized what it meant to be forgiven, to receive God's undeserved mercy. That moment changed everything.

    1. I bet that felt really good :D I'm glad you experienced that!

  2. thanks for sharing with us! what a beautiful piece!

    1. Thanks Jessica! I'm glad you like it :D