Sunday, September 22, 2013

Every Day is a Story

I think I saw this on Pinterest, as a quote. It got me inspired to write a post about it on here.

I completely agree that every day is a story, and that you are the author of each day. You control what happens (sometimes), who is in it, how the days end.

It can be romantic, comedy, tragedy, whatever you want it to be.

Every day is going to be a different story. A story never happens more than once, so try to make the best out of each one.

There aren't really any "endings" to a story, just a new beginning.

There are as many "stories" as there are people. And each one is as unique and special as the person who wrote them.

Every story is as beautiful as the person it is about. There are many ups and downs, as there should be.

No story is perfect, as is no person. If everyone realized that, then they wouldn't have as many problems in life.

Every story is worth writing, as well as reading. Create a story that you can be proud of, and without regrets.

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