Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Heaven is For Real

Yesterday after school, I went to go see Heaven is for Real at the theater.

The book was really good, so I thought I would see the movie, and how they were able to interpret the story.

Let me just say, it was a great movie!! It made me cry several times, and it showed a realistic view of life, and everything that a family would go through in life.

If you don't know, Heaven is For Real is based on a true story, about a family who went through very hard times, where the father was a pastor and was facing rough times with his church, is in a freak accident playing softball, and then his and his wife's young son, who was four at the time of this event, had to go in for surgery because of a burst appendix.

During the surgery, Colton, the boy, left his body and visited Heaven, although he did not die. It was a very difficult thing for the father to accept and then to explain to others, when Colton described this to him. But he accepted it as true, and truly believed that his son visited Heaven and saw Jesus.

Heaven is For Real was/is a very touching, moving book, and now movie. I highly recommend both.

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