Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I Still Want to Be a Special Education Teacher

Even though I didn't do well in classes while I was going for my special education degree, and had to switch majors, I still want to be a special education teacher.

Part of the reason is that I have a learning disability myself, and have some idea what it's like to be in the special education program, and some idea what those students go through.

Another part is because I have several friends who have disabilities, both physical and non-physical. They have inspired me to want to be a special education teacher.

Also, I love children, and this is probably the best way for me to help them.

Although, I am a very shy person, and do NOT like speaking in front of a group of people. And, I didn't really do in school, until I got to college. And I didn't really like school because of this.

But, I still want to try again for my special education degree. I also tend to check out teaching ideas on Pinterest, for if I do become a teacher. There are a lot of great teaching ideas on there, which makes me want to be a teacher even more.

I also plan on going for my teacher's aide degree as well. So, even if I don't become the main teacher in a classroom, I'll still be able to help out in the classroom, as an assistant.

I just hope that I can do better this time in my classes, than last time. I seriously want to get a degree in this field. And that I will have a lot of support in this dream.

Although, this won't happen for a while, as I want to concentrate on finishing my baking/pastry degree, before starting another one.

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