Friday, March 22, 2013

What God Has Taught Me

Perusing through tumblr last night, I came across a post by a young woman with a blog called Imperfect Beautiful Love. She is writing a book about testimonies, about what God has taught people through a situation they have been in.

That has inspired me to write this post.

My "situation" God had taught me through was during the last five weeks of my mom's life. I thought that I wasn't going to be able to handle everything as well as I did, but I realized that I was stronger than I thought.

And that shocked me. Of course, I was really upset, and not happy about my mom's death, but I wasn't as down as I thought I would be.

I am so glad things turned out the way they did. At this point in my life, I am pretty happy, but there are things that I want to work on, to better myself and my life.

I wish, of course, that my mom hadn't died, but I'm thankful for the lessons I learned from her, and from her passing. I think my life is better because of that. So, thank you mom, for what you have taught me. You are very special to me, and will always be in my heart. I love you!!!

Well, that's all for now. More to come later.

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