Tuesday, March 12, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Day 24

Your favorite movie and what it's about

My favorite movie is either Joseph King of Dreams, which is about a man who has these dreams, and his brothers are jealous of him because of that. They sell him into slavery, and in the end, Joseph becomes one rank below pharoah (I forget his position), and forgives his brothers for what they have done.

The other movie I really like is The Prince of Egypt, which is about Moses, and how he fights to free his people. He was found by the Pharoah and his wife when he was a baby, and they raised him as his own. When Moses finds out that he was adopted, he sets out to his homeland, where he encounters God, and does what is asked of him. He has to go up against his brother, who has become Pharoah, and is stubborn in the traditions.

Both of these are really good movies, and I have watched them many, many times.

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