Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Week

So this week is Easter week (already? Wow.), and I'm really looking forward to Easter Sunday. My dad and I are going to my sister's to celebrate. She has two young children, and we have been getting together with them for Easter ever since the oldest was born.

I absolutely love Easter. The egg-dyeing (my absolute FAVORITE thing to do for Easter!!), the treats, the stories behind Easter, everything.

I can't wait until Sunday, when I get to see my niece and nephew. I think they are going to love their Easter baskets this year.

I kind of miss getting baskets myself. I guess I will always be a kid at heart. I just love doing "kid" stuff.

My favorite Easter treats are the chocolate bunnies, and the Cadbury chocolate cream-filled eggs. They are really good!!

Does anyone who celebrates Easter have plans for Sunday? I hope you have a wonderful Easter, no matter what you do!

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