Friday, September 7, 2012

My New Four-Legged Friend

For the past four months, I have been volunteering with the library, delivering materials to those who cannot come to the library for whatever reason. Some of the people I see, some I don’t. With those I don’t see, I just leave the materials by their door, for them to get later.

One of the women who I deliver to has a pug named Gracie, who I absolutely love, and her me. She always comes out to greet me when her owner opens the door. I always look forward to seeing her every Friday, and apparently she looks forward to seeing me as well.

Today, when I came, she greeted me as usual. The woman and I talked for a couple minutes, and as I was leaving, Gracie followed me all the way to the door (they live in an apartment), wanting to go with me. It was so sweet. I absolutely love dogs!

Seeing Gracie and the way she acts with me makes me want to get a dog someday. They are wonderful animals. They, along with other animals, bring a lot of joy to peoples’ lives, no matter what they are going through. And animals love you unconditionally, and no matter what.

I have 2 cats of my own, that have been part of the family for over 2 years. I absolutely love them, and am so thankful that they are a part of the family.

Hopefully sometime soon, I want to volunteer at the animal shelter. I love help;ing animals out, and taking care of them. They don’t ask for anything except love. And an occasional tummy/ear scratch.
Well, that is all for now. More to come later!

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