Friday, September 14, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

Happy Friday everyone!!

  1. Right now the weather where I live is cool but nice. It's also sunny and almost cloudless. This is my favorite kind of weather.
  2. The best piece of advice I have ever been given is that I have what it takes to do the things I want to do, and that I shouldn't be afraid to go for it.
  3. My most favorite person in the world is a guy friend who I have known since junior high (12 or 13 years!!). We have gotten together a ton over the years, and I feel comfortable being myself around him. Comfortable to be more outgoing. I am very thankful to have him in my life.
  4. If I were to have a mission statement for my life it would be Never give up, and never let anyone bring you down. Life is precious.
  5. My favorite item in my closet is this pretty black and white flowery dress I recently got at a yard sale. It fits me well, and I absolutely love it.
  6. The best cure for a bad day is a chat with a good friend, a comfortable book, music, and/or a comfortable bed. And my cats.
  7. Today is a beautiful day. I am so thankful to be alive today, and every day I get after this.

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