Monday, March 31, 2014

Little Dresses for Africa

I checked out a magazine today from the library, called Kiki Magazine. It's a fashion magazine for girls, and it's pretty interesting.

In the most current issue, there is an article about an organization called Little Dresses for Africa.

Little Dresses for Africa is an organization a Michigan woman started, when she had gone on a trip to Africa several years ago, and saw how poor the childrens' clothes were there. She decided to start making pillowcase dresses for them, and that is how this organization came to be.

People can make their own pillowcase dresses, and send them to Little Dresses for Africa, to be given to girls in Africa.

This is a wonderful thing to do, and I hope to make some dresses, once I become a better sewer.

You can also donate money, or other items for these precious children. You can find out how here.

Please consider helping out for a great cause. It is well worth it!!

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