Wednesday, March 26, 2014

100 Things About Me

I probably did this before, but I figured I would do this again. So, here goes.

  1. I love to bake.
  2. I love to take pictures.
  3. I am a major night owl.
  4. My favorite color is purple.
  5. I have 3 brothers, a sister, a brother-in-law, and a sister-in-law.
  6. I grew up listening to country music, and recently started listening to classical and Christian music as well.
  7. I regret giving up the violin, and hope to start playing again someday.
  8. I am an avid reader.
  9. Writing & blogging are the best ways for me to communicate.
  10. I have been shy for as long as I can remember.
  11. I love listening to books on CD.
  12. I don't know why, but I love making lists.
  13. I have never been outside of the U.S. before
  14. In general, I did not like school until I got to college
  15. I loved being a girl scout in elementary school
  16. I have a learning disability
  17. My favorite TV show is Cake Boss
  18. My second favorite TV show is Bonanza
  19. I have lived in the same house, on the same block, in the same neighborhood, in the same city, in the same state my entire life (so far).
  20. My favorite animal is the horse.
  21. I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 13 years old.
  22. I had my birthmark removed from my neck on Christmas Eve 2003.
  23. I prefer summer to winter.
  24. I love things that glow in the dark.
  25. I didn't get my first cell phone until I was 25 years old.
  26. I love thrift stores.
  27. I love children, and really want to have some of my own someday.
  28. I love puzzles.
  29. My biggest fear is death.
  30. I don't like being in large crowds.
  31. I'm not a political person, and I try to stay away from political conversations and events, if I can.
  32. My favorite/lucky number is 14.
  33. I am double jointed, and I can crack my neck, fingers, and toes (yes, you read that right!).
  34. I can roll my tongue.
  35. I prefer long hair to short.
  36. I love calendars.
  37. I have never worn makeup before.
  38. I love notebooks (the paper ones).
  39. I believe in angels.
  40. I love hats.
  41. I broke my right arm (which is my dominant arm) once, in first grade, shortly before Halloween.
  42. I do not like getting my hair cut.
  43. I love teddy bears.
  44. I do not like to exercise, and am not an athletic person, but I love to watch baseball and ice hockey.
  45. I love astronomy.
  46. I love science.
  47. I love linguistics.
  48. My favorite drinks are hot chocolate, chocolate milk, lemonade, and water.
  49. My favorite musical artist is either Andrea Bocelli or Francesca Battistelli.
  50. I've actually had a dream (an REM dream) really happen.
  51. I want to be an author, special education teacher or teacher's aide, pastry chef, and photographer.
  52. I keep a dream journal.
  53. I prefer the quietness of country living to city living.
  54. I love beads and buttons.
  55. I love stickers.
  56. I have never had a boyfriend, nor gone on a date. Yet.
  57. I am both a Harry Potter fan and a Twilight fan, but if I had to choose between the two, I'd pick Harry Potter.
  58. I hate hearing/seeing swear words and derogatory names/words.
  59. My favorite food (besides chocolate) is pasta.
  60. I love meeting new people and making new friends, although I have a hard time going up to people and starting conversations.
  61. I have had four cats grown up (this includes the two cats I currently have).
  62. I also had a teddy bear hamster for a couple years.
  63. I want to open up my own bakery someday.
  64. I want to go on missions trips.
  65. I want to be a "cuddler".
  66. I have donated blood on several occasions (blood does not bother me at all).
  67. I love spicy foods.
  68. The only thing I really like about Star Wars are the light sabers (I really want a purple one!).
  69. I hate running. I always have, ever since elementary school.
  70. I hate taking tests, unless they are multiple choice.
  71. I'm not a patient person sometimes, although it has gotten better.
  72. I love bouncy houses, and I'm not ashamed of admitting it.
  73. I love to collect things (that interest me).
  74. I am not a neat freak, but I do want to work on that a bit (my bedroom looks like a tornado hit it).
  75. I love rainy days.
  76. I am addicted to Pinterest.
  77. Math is my worst/least favorite subject.
  78. I love peace signs.
  79. I write partially in print, and partially in cursive.
  80. Music helps me concentrate on things, like homework and cleaning up.
  81. I want to live in a foreign country for at least a year.
  82. I have a fear of public speaking.
  83. I love working with clay.
  84. I love horse back riding.
  85. I love looking at yearbooks.
  86. I love card games like UNO, Solitaire, and War.
  87. I am, and will always be, a child at heart.
  88. I love animated movies.
  89. I prefer photographing nature, and inanimate objects over people, but I will photograph people as well.
  90. I have an extremely long bucket list of things I want to do in my life.
  91. I sometimes enjoy playing video games (mainly Harry Potter, The Sims, and Mahjongg).
  92. Some bugs/insects don't bother me (like ants, caterpillars, butterflies, ladybugs, moths).
  93. I am majorly afraid of heights.
  94. I am afraid of spiders.
  95. I want to live on a farm someday, and raise horses.
  96. I love flowers.
  97. I love magnests, and I actually got these cool magnetic color blocks from a neighbor family this past Christmas, that I absolutely love!
  98. I love going bowling, even though I'm not very good at it.
  99. I'm not all that into dresses and skirts, except for special occasions, or if I feel like wearing them. Which isn't very often.
  100. I am a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies.

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