Tuesday, March 25, 2014

1,000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp

I heard about this book last year from a friend who had read the book.

The author writes about her life, and how she has come to appreciate everything in her life. She wrote down 1,000 "gifts" in her life, and how she felt about everything that went on with her.

I read some of it, and it was interesting. This book has inspired me to keep a journal of 1,000 gifts in my life. I have 254 "gifts" written so far.

This book has helped me appreciate things in life more, especially the little things.

Life is not meant to be taken for granted. People need to slow down and realize that life is a gift that is meant to be cherished, enjoyed, protected. It is meant to be shared.

So, take the time to enjoy things in life, because they will become only memories once they are over.

I have a blog, where I post my 1,000 gifts, if you would like to read about them. Enjoy!

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