Thursday, March 27, 2014

Act of Kindness for my Dad

For a while, my dad has been wanting to get a new pair of shoes for himself, but couldn't because things kept coming up that he had to pay for, and new shoes had to be put on hold.

A couple weeks ago, I thought of asking two of my brothers (the ones that still live at home, along with me) if they wanted to put in some money for our dad, towards a new pair of shoes. They said yes, and today we finally gave him the money ($100 between the three of us).

My dad was very, very happy to get the money, and decided on getting his shoes next week sometime. Now, he doesn't have to worry about something popping up that he has to pay for, and having to put off getting new shoes even further.

I love how happy, thankful, and grateful he was to get the money. He said thank you to us several times, which felt really good to hear.

He deserves this, as he has done a lot for me and my siblings over the years. I love you dad!!

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