Friday, November 1, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Grace

I am linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for today's Five Minute Friday.

Today's FMF: Grace

Grace-a gift
That is freely given
Even to those
Who think
They do not
Deserve it
Grace means
That you are forgiven
For your sins
For your mistakes
Grace does not mean
Everything is forgotten
It means
That you were given
A gift of life
Worth living
A life of beauty
Grace gives us
Hope for the future
Peace from the past
And love for the present
Grace can only be given
When you are open and willing
To accept it in your life
The grace we give each other is great
But God's grace is powerful
It is a thing of beauty
That nothing on Earth
Can compare to


  1. Dropping in from FMF! I love God's grace... such a great topic!

    1. It definitely is! Thanks for stopping by :D