Sunday, November 3, 2013

Why Do We Label Others? And Ourselves?

I just saw and read a post on the blog Girls of God's Heart, about labels and labeling others (you can read it here, if you are interested.), and it made me wonder why we all label others, and ourselves.

Is it to make ourselves feel better if we do that? Labels are for food, not people. Nor animals. We are not meant to be put down, or made to feel worthless, with labels.

The only thing we should be called are our proper names. Not some demeaning, attention-seeking names thought of by ourselves or others.

Labeling others may make you feel better, but it doesn't make them feel better, plus it can emotionally scar people in the long run. And it will hurt you in the long run as well.

This is partly where there is so much violence in the world. People demeaning, hurting others so they can feel better somehow. It just doesn't make sense.

Just because someone looks/acts/talks a certain way, it doesn't necessarily mean they're bad people. That's who they are, and they can't and won't change for anyone. Ever. They shouldn't change for anyone, especially themselves.

So, leave the labels for food. You are beautiful the way you are, and you don't need labels to make you any better than you already are.

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