Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thankfulness in November: Days 21 Through 30

Monday, November 21
-Getting to go to school this week

Tuesday, November 22
-Getting a good night's sleep

Wednesday, November 23
-Being able to rest when I am sick
-One of my brothers making cheesecake for me, for Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 24
-Being able to get over a sickness/illness
-Celebrating Thanksgiving with my family
-Cooking my first Thanksgiving meal myself

Friday, November 25
-Getting to volunteer at the library this week
-Getting a present from one of the people I deliver library materials to, who is moving and wanted to give me a thank you/appreciation gift for what I do for her
-Helping a children's librarian put out Christmas and Hannukah books, music and DVDs on showcase, for people to check out

Saturday, November 26
-Having books to read
-Having movies to watch
-Having music to listen to
-Having the items to listen, watch them on

Sunday, November 27
-Having a working washing machine, that can effectively wash laundry

Monday, November 28
-Getting to go to school this week

Tuesday, November 29
-Living close enough to a library that I can use any of the resources they offer anytime

Wednesday, November 30
-Having restaurants close enough that we can order from them anytime
-Being alive

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