Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Thankfulness in November: Days 1 through 9

I was planning on posting every day in Nevember, about what I am thankful for this November, but I completely forgot until now. I will put days 1 through 9 in this post, and then post the rest of the days separately after that.

So, here is what I am thankful for this year.

Tuesday, November 1st
-Having warm water to drink, wash with, and use however I need/want to

Wednesday, November 2nd
-Having clothes to wear

Thursday, November 3rd
-Having food to eat

Friday, November 4th
-Volunteering with the local library today, delivering library materials to homebound patrons
-Helping a children's librarian get crafts ready for a children's story time craft

Saturday, November 5th
-Buying a luminary from church, for their Christmas celebration

Sunday, November 6th
-Having a roof over my head
-A portable speaker coming in the mail, that one of my brothers ordered, so I can watch TV shows/movies in the kitchen (yes, we have a TV in the kitchen), without worrying about the sound going out anymore (the sound has been messed up for quite some time, so it was really nice to get this; it was also a surprise, as I didn't know he bought it until today)

Monday, November 7th
-Planning a Thanksgiving dinner for my family
-Being able to get a college education (I am going for my baking/pastry degree)

Tuesday, November 8th
-Being able to vote in this year's presidential election

Wednesday, November 9th
-Watching my favorite YouTubers

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