Saturday, November 12, 2016

My Life Bucket List: Holidays

Host a 4th of July BBQ
Make a Thanksgiving dinner myself
Visit the 'real' Santa Claus in Finland
Drive a snowmobile
Go sledding
Do You've Been Boo'd at least once
Do You've Been Jingled at least once
Donate toys for Christmas
Go see the Festival of Lights at the local zoo
Start an Elf on the Shelf tradition
Make an advent calendar each year
Relax by a fireplace
Go on an ice skating date
Make and drink eggnog
Make and drink hot chocolate
Watch holiday movies for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas
Volunteer at a soup kitchen over the holidays
Create a Thankfulness Tree
Make paper snowflakes
Bake cookies for the neighbors
Make a gingerbread house
Make a popcorn garland
Have a snowball fight
Roast marshmallows
Go sledding
Go skiing
Go snowboarding
Start a new tradition
Send Christmas cards
Make ice bubbles
Eat a Christmas meal with friends and family
Do a Friendsgiving at least once
Camp out under the Christmas tree
Participate in an ornament exchange
Do random acts of kindness
Make New Year's Resolutions that I will actually keep
Get my picture taken with Santa every year
DIY Fall/Halloween crafts
DIY Thanksgiving crafts
DIY winter/Christmas crafts
Visit Halloweentown in St. Helen's, Oregon
Try a peppermint mocha at Starbucks
Make and drink apple cider
Attend a football game
Develop a fall/winter exercise routine
Picnic by the Christmas tree
Host/go to holiday parties
Make treats/gifts for friends
Go on a Valentine's Day date
DIY Valentine's Day crafts
Celebrate Christmas, New Year's in Hawaii
Open Crackers on Christmas (a British tradition)
Make and donate animal toys/crafts to local animal shelters
Make scarves, hats, gloves/mittens to give to homeless shelters, those in need
Break open pinatas for each holiday
Bake and decorate cakes for each holiday
Make peppermint/chocolate bark
Make and give holiday fudge
DIY Advent calendars
Host a Halloween party for kids, adults
Make caramel apples
Dye hair red or purple vor Valentine's Day
Dye hair green for St. Patrick's Day
Host a New Year's party

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