Saturday, November 26, 2016

15 Things I Would Like For Christmas

I heard someone do a 15 Things I Would Like For Christmas list, and decided to do my own. I do not expect to get all 15 things, and I am perfectly fine with not getting all of them.

Here is what I would like for Christmas:

  1. A new jacket/coat
  2. Slippers
  3. Gift card(s) to Old Navy, Famous Footwear, Walgreens (yes, Walgreens)
  4. A violin
  5. A Turbie Twist
  6. Elf on the Shelf
  7. Portable DVD player
  8. A watch
  9. Harry Potter coloring books
  10. That's Christmas to Me by Pentatonix
  11. All the Star Wars movies
  12. Believe by Jonathan Antoine
  13. A bike helmet
  14. Zootopia DVD
  15. New bedding
What are you wishing for, for Christmas this year (or Hannukah, if you celebrate that)?

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