Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My Life Bucket List: Food and Drink

Bake a giant cupcake
Visit a chocolate factory
Try lobster
Make a Thanksgiving dinner myself
Visit restaurants in my state that I have not been to before
Host a cookie exchange
Make and try different cheesecake recipes
Make Monte Cristo sandwiches for my family
Make Croque Madame sandwiches for my family
Make homemade pasta
Try a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks
Make gnocchi
Make gumbo
Make Pad Thai
Get better at cake decorating
Get better and cookie decorating
Learn to grill
Learn to make doughnuts
Try fish and chips in England
Bake a rainbow
Bake a tie dye cake
Buy something from Georgetown Cupcake
Buy something from Carlo's Bakery
Go on an ice cream date
Go on a baking date
Take at least one cooking class
Make cake pops
Make homemade jam/jelly
Make beignets
Have someone make me breakfast in bed
Make a chocolate milkshake
Make a strawberry banana milkshake
Eat out at Messy Crab
Make tater tot casserole
Make homemade eclairs
Learn to make the perfect buttercream
Bake a pizza from scratch
Bake cinnamon rolls
Make at least one wedding cake
Make homemade bagels
Try fried ice cream
Make a Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters cake
Make at least one Minions cake
Start a cake/bakery order business
Make a galaxy mirror cake
Get better at making roses (chocolate, buttercream, etc.)
Make macarons
Make Star Wars cakes
  -Darth Vader
  -Darth Maul
  -Light saber
  -Storm Trouper
  -Jabba the Hut
  -Other characters
Make animal cakes
  -Polar bear
  -Koala bear
  -Parrot/Parakeet/Other Birds
  -Guinea Pig
Make a hamburger cake
Make snowball cookies
Make scones
Try making homemade ice cream
  -Other ice creams

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