Friday, November 18, 2016

My Life Bucket List: Family and Friends

Get married
Have biological children (I would love to have two girls and two boys, or 1 girl and 1 boy at least)
Adopt children
Live on a farm and raise (mainly) horses
Host a Friendsgiving at least once
Get a tattoo in memory of my mom
Go on a road trip with friends at least once
Go on family bike rides
Go on family picnics
Go bowling
Visit the zoo
Visit a farm
Fly a kite
Play mini golf
Go ice skating
Start a family recipe that will last through the generations
Bake holiday cookies (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.)
Go camping
Write letters to my children, and give them the letters when they are older
Cook/roast food around a camp fire
Go on weekly/monthly dates with my significant other
Do arts and crafts often with my children
Have game nights once a month
Go to local carnivals/festivals
Get manicures with friends
Have barbecue parties
Make homemade ice cream
Play on a slip-n-slide
Get family photos taken every year
Photo shoots
Shopping trips
Go on annual hikes
Visit a water park or amusement park every year
Host a fondue party
Give each of my children their own email, then send them pictures, letters, stories, etc., and give them the passwords on their 18th birthdays (saw this idea on Pinterest)
Take pictures at a photobooth together
Take at least one big trip a year
Go to a midnight movie premiere
Have a weekly family movie night
Have a weekly family game night
Do a color run
Go on a girls vaction with friends
Take handprints and footprints of my kids as they grow, as mementos
Have a girls' spa day
Go on a road trip with friends
Dance with my dad at my wedding
Be fully present in my childrens' lives
Be able to see my children get married

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