Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Me, Myself and I

I am shy,
But actions speak louder than words.
I may have a disability,
But I am not disabled. Just differently abled.
I do not know everything,
But I do know some things.
I may not do everything you can do,
But I can do some things you can’t do.
I will not conform to what everyone thinks I should be.
The only thing I can be is myself.
I will not let anyone tell me otherwise.
I have my own personality,
My own mind,
My own style,
My own life.
I will not act the way you want me to act,
Think or say what you want me to think or say.
I will not wear what you want me to wear.
I will not live my life the way you want me to live.
I am my own person,
And I will always be my own person.
Having a disability does not
Make me less of a human being.
It does not make me a freak,
A monster.
I am as human as anyone else.
And no one can say otherwise.
I have my own way
Of doing things,
And that’s the way
It will always be.
That is the way I like it.
I may take longer
To learn things than others,
But I am not stupid.
I may have faults,
But so does everyone else.
All of this makes me me

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