Sunday, December 14, 2014

Birthday Weekend

Well, today I turned another year older.

How did that happen?

I had a very enjoyable birthday weekend. On Friday, I my dad and I put up the Christmas tree. We didn't decorate it, just put it up. I love putting the tree and other decorations up for Christmas, and love it when that coincides with my birthday!

Yesterday, my dad and I decorated the tree and windows in our house. It all came out really nicely, and I am looking forward to Christmas this year.

Also, a neighbor friend treated me to a hair cut and highlights at one of the local salons in town. It took about 2 1/2 hours to get it all done, but the cut and highlights came out well, and was worth the time.

Then, my friend took me to a local Italian restaurant for dessert. I got an ice cream dessert, with three flavors (I chose lemon, strawberry, and chocolate), and my friend had tiramisu. It was really good!!

Then, later in the evening, we went to a Christmas concert at a local church. It was very good!! There was a big reference to Star Wars in the second half of the show, where they sang a couple songs to the Star Wars tune, and a few children from the Youth Choir dressed up as characters from the movies, and pretended to fight with light sabers.

It was a very good, enjoyable day, making me feel special on my special day.

Today, my actual birthday, I just relaxed at home. And did homework. I know that's not usually a good way to spend a birthday, but it's due tomorrow, and I have been procrastinating in doing the work. So I need to do it today.

Oh, I can't forget the very sweet card my dad gave me today! I love the cards he gives me for my day.

All in all, I am one happy birthday girl!!

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