Friday, December 26, 2014

My Holiday Thankfulness

I know people usually do thankfulness lists on Thanksgiving, but I got lazy and didn't do one then. So, I've decided to do one for Christmas and December.

Here goes my thankfulness list:

  1. Having a warm house to live in.
  2. Having a warm bed to sleep in.
  3. Having food to eat every day.
  4. Having clean water to use every day.
  5. My family.
  6. My friends.
  7. Living close enough to restaurants and shops where I can walk to them if I want to.
  8. Having multiple ways to keep in contact with people.
  9. Listening to my favorite music, over and over. And over. And over.
  10. Blogging/writing.
  11. All the pets I've had in my life, including my current pets.
  12. Having clean clothes every day.
  13. Being able to get back to near normal after experiencing the loss of a loved one.
  14. Being able to get a good education, and doing well in school.
  15. Having friends that truly care about me and my well-being.
  16. Teachers that truly care about their students, and their success in school.
  17. Doing things that I truly enjoy (baking, photography, writing, etc.).
  18. Knitting or crocheting something, and giving it to someone in need.
  19. Watching my favorite movies many, many times, and never getting tired of them.
  20. Reading my favorite books many, many times, and never getting tired of them.
  21. Going to the movies with friends or family. Or by myself if there is something only I want to see.
  22. Going to restaurants with friends or family.
  23. Being able to pull up my GPA in school, and getting acknowledged for it.
  24. Taking time for myself, to rest, read, listen to music, or whatever else I want to do.
  25. Spending the holidays with my family.
  26. Living in a neighborhood where everyone is supportive of each other.
  27. Having more good days than bad.
  28. Trying something new and really enjoying it.
  29. Being able to pay for a lot of the things I need/want, whenever I need/want them.
  30. Laughing so much/so hard that I cry.
  31. Celebrating milestones/accomplishments/etc.

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