Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas...

And a happy New Year!!

I can't belive Christmas is here already. The year went by way too fast. But, it was a wonderful year, and I am happy with the way it went.

For those who celebrate, I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas, and New Year. I hope that your year was amazing, and that 2015 is just as amazing for you.

If 2014 wasn't a good year, my heart goes out to you, and I pray that 2015 goes better for you and your family.

Tonight, my brothers get off work early, so we are going to have a pizza dinner, and then open presents. Tomorrow, we are going to my sister's, to have another Christmas dinner, and open more presents.

I am really looking forward to seeing my sister and her family. I love seeing my niece and nephew!

Apart from the presents from family, I got a few presents from a neighbor family I am friends with. They gave me a picture keepsake box, chocolate covered marshmallows (I already had some and they are addicting!!!), a pair of socks, a Christmas tree shaped tea light candle with a few red glittery tea light candles, a copy of March of the Penguins, a 10-pack of blank notecards (decorated on the front with cupcakes...which is SOOO me!!!), and a Christmas card.

I also got a Christmas card from another friend of mine, which was nice.

Again, I wish you a very merry, safe Christmas and New Year!

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