Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Finding Vivian Maier

Yesterday, I went with a group of other women. through a Meetup group, to go see Finding Vivian Maier in theaters.

I am major photography nut, so this was a perfect thing to see.

Finding Vivian Maier is about a woman, Vivian Maier, who worked as a nanny, and secretly took over 100,000 photos of everyday life.

Most of her photos were never printed until after her death in 2009. A man had found her film in an auction sale, and decided to make that a project of his.

It was very interesting to hear about Vivian Maier. A man I volunteer with had told me about this film a while ago, but I couldn't remember what the title of the movie was.

When I saw this event on Meetup, I knew I just had to go to it. And I was very happy I did.

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