Tuesday, September 30, 2014

15 Things About Me

One of my favorite artists, Jonathan Antoine (runner up on Britain's Got Talent), recently posted a list of 15 things about him, that he thought we'd like to know about him (which you can read here, if you want). That inspired me to do the same thing.

So, here goes my list of 15 things I thought I'd like you guys to know about me.

  1. I prefer animals to people. I don't hate people or anything. I'm just a shy person by nature, and animals aren't as judgmental.
  2. I LOVE photography! I usually take photos of nature, but I will take pictures of other things as well.
  3. I have NEVER moved in my life. I have lived in the same house, on the same block, in the same neighborhood, in the same town, in the same state, since I was born. Someday, though, I would love to live on a farm, and also live in a foreign country for a year.
  4. I am more of a country girl than a city girl, even though I've lived in a city my whole life.
  5. I love baseball and hockey.
  6. I also really love words, and writing.
  7. There are several things I want to be: a baker (which I am currently working towards), a photographer, a special education teacher, and an author.
  8. Science and art were my favorite subjects in school.
  9. I have never been outside of the U.S. before, but I came close to the U.S./Canada border several years ago.
  10. My favorite artist is Andrea Bocelli.
  11. My favorite animal is the horse.
  12. I love spicy food.
  13. For some odd reason, I love making lists. I don't know why.
  14. I do NOT like cold weather. At all.
  15. For a while now, I have been a home body. I'm not big on going out, but I have no objections to going to events. If it interests me.

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