Monday, May 5, 2014

Ignorance About Disabilities

I recently read about a mother who got really angry when someone made a comment about her three-year-old son, who has Down Syndrome, calling him "ugly."

She regularly posts photos of her son on Instagram, which is where the comment was made.

I saw a picture of the boy, and I must say, he is ADORABLE!!

So, I don't see why anyone would call someone ugly, and that they would do that hidden behind an online community name.

Seriously people. The child is NOT ugly. He is a human being, just like you, and doesn't know that he is different.

He is beautiful, smart, awesome...I can just go on, and I don't even know the boy, or his family.

So please, do not made rude comments about people who are different from you, especially people with disabilities.

They just want to be accepted, loved, cared for/about. They cannot change who they are, and would not change for anyone or anything.

Just be kind.

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