Saturday, October 12, 2013

I'm At That Age...

Where I don't really care too much about having birthday parties for my birthday. Although, I wouldn't mind going out (or staying in) with a few friends, if I feel the need for a celebration. I don't drink (I will have the seldom drink, though), so there will not be alcohol, or very little.

I have been like this for a while now, which is fine with me. Although, I still have a couple party ideas in mind, that I want to try out. One is a masquerade party, and the other is a Harry Potter party.

I have been a big Harry Potter fan since pretty much the beginning. I love the story, the characters, everything. Yes, I know that I am an adult, but that doesn't mean I can't like the series anymore.

I think that the idea of a masquerade party is really cool. The masks, the clothes, the mystery, the food/drink, the music...all of it.

So, hopefully I will be able to pull off both themes at some point.

Well, that's all for now. More to come later.

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