Saturday, January 5, 2013

One Word

I've seen posts on other blogs about people having "one word" for the year, and figured I would start doing it as well.

My "one word" for 2013 is Healthier. I am in fairly good shape, but I definitely need to be healthier. I'm not a health-nut or exercise-freak, so this will be hard for me.

At my doctor's annual physical today, he told me that I was healthy, which surprised me, since I don't exercise that much, I have trouble sleeping, and I don't always eat right.

But, it's good news nontheless. Although, I do have room for improvement. I am not looking to lose weight or anything, I just need to get in better shape.

I hate running, so that is out of the question. I will walk, do yoga, and have been thinking about doing Zumba.

I don't feel comfortable exercising around other people, but I do know that there are Zumba video games, and I am planning on getting one soon.

Hopefully, some friends can help me along the way, with encouragement, and exercising along with me.

It's hard for me to stick with things for a long period of time, so I don't know how this will work out. I am really hoping I can do this, though.

Does anyone have any tips/ideas on how to stick with exercising regularly, and eating healthier/better? Any tips would be appreciated.

Well, that's all for now. More to come later.

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