Friday, February 5, 2010


It is finally Friday. The week actually went by pretty fast, but I'm glad it's Friday. Wednesday, my mom took me to the eye doctor to check out what's going on with my right eye. I missed my Success in College class, thanks to her. Fortunately, I got the homework from that class, and finished it on time.
In my Hospitality class on Wednesday, we talked about our homework assignment, turned that and a take-home quiz in, reviewed chapter 2, and talked about tourism. It's a 3 hour class, but it seemed like it was shorter than that. I guess I enjoy my class enough to where I don't notice the time going by until the end of class.
Yesterday, I relaxed at home, and did my homework. That's pretty much all that happened yesterday. It's really nice to have a day off in between classes.
Today, I had Success in college. We were in the lab today, and I was able to finish the journal entries pretty quickly. I think I was the first one to finish them. We are allowed to leave after we finish, so I left, and went to the cafeteria to get lunch. I got a bagel, cream cheese and a thing of fruit snacks.
I had some of my lunch before the bus came. I came home around 11:40 am. I love having a half day on Fridays. Gives me a 2 1/2 day break between classes.
In my Success in College class, I got another A on an assignment, which I am really, really happy about. This is the first time I'm doing this well in class. I am happy about that, though. Makes me want to keep doing better in my classes.

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