Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Day at School

Yesterday was my first day of school. It actually went better than I thought it would, considering how tired I was. The night before, I didn't get a lot of sleep, so I thought I would be too tired to pay attention in class. But I did pay attention, and the day went pretty fast. I had 2 classes yesterday: Success in College (10 am to 10:50), and Intro to Hospitality (11:45 am to 2:15 pm).
I am off today, which is really nice. I have a day to sleep in, and to relax a little. I did get some homework from my Hospitality class, but I have a week to do it. Though, it won't take me very long to finish it. I have to read chapter one in the book, and write about 2 good/bad experiences I've had with people in the hospitality industry. I haven't thought about what I want to write about yet. I'll do that tonight.
Tomorrow I only have one class, Success in College. After that, I have the afternoon off, and will be off until Monday. I can't believe school started already. Time went by fast. I took some time off of school, because it wasn't working for me. So we'll see how it works out for me this time, especially since I am going for something I love: baking and pastry.
I haven't done much today, except use the computer, and eat. Even though school just started, I can't wait until the weekend is here. Getting up early is kind of stressing me out. Maybe school just isn't for me. And that's what I hate. I really want to get a degree, but I don't like that it stresses me out.
But I will not give up just yet, seeing as I've only had one day of school so far. I really want to have this degree, so I'll push through the tough times, and see where I go from here.

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