Friday, March 25, 2016

Five Minute Friday: Alive

I was originally doing these five minute Friday posts with another blogger, but she stopped doing them.

When I saw that it was happening with another blogger (here), I was very happy. I loved doing these five minute Friday posts, and have missed it.

Today's Five Minute Friday is Alive.

Like Meg from Still That Girl, I am going to do a list of things that make me feel alive.

  1. Bike riding
  2. Delivering library materials to patrons who are unable to come to the library, and them telling me that they really appreciate it.
  3. Journaling/blogging, as it allows me to write what's on my mind, what I can't say out loud.
  4. Listening to my favorite songs/artists.
  5. Laughing until I cry.
  6. New experiences.
  7. Photography.
  8. Baking.
  9. Knitting and crocheting
  10. Making prayer shawls for others.
  11. Seeing flowers bloom in spring.
  12. Friends who truly care for me, and help me in a time of need.
  13. Long walks.
  14. My favorite foods.
  15. Arts and crafts (I LOVE making things!!)
  16. Animals.
  17. Going to places I have never been before, and making new memories.
  18. Road trips.
  19. Warm showers.
  20. Getting to live anotherr day.

1 comment:

  1. Visiting your page from FMF. I never would of thought to write on things that cause me to feel alive. I really enjoyed reading your list. <3 What I notice is how serving causes you to feel alive. The library and making prayer shawls - that's awesome! <3 It's soo good how when we are serving, where God has placed us, and how much that can cause to feel alive. Recently, I have been reminded of this - and - it's so true! I might need to write another post related to this later this week. Thanks for sharing.