Thursday, January 1, 2015

One Goal I REALLY Want To Start...And Keep...

Is to exercise five days a week, and to eat healthier.

I have been wanting to for ages, but I just never did anything about it. So, I am hoping that 2015 will be the year for better health for me.

I am asking friends to help me become more accountable for what I do and eat, so I can get this goal going. Officially. And keep it going.

I really want to take up Zumba, yoga, and maybe Pilates. They have interested me for quite some time, but I never really did anything with them yet. I am thinking I may do one, one day, another a different day, and so on. Maybe.

There are a few exercise centers within a few blocks of my house, that I am thinking of checking out, if I decide to go to one on a regular basis.

Exercise isn't one of my favorite things, but I have checked out videos on Zumba, yoga, and Pilates, and they seem to make exercising a lot more fun, and enjoyable. So, hopefully I will be more willing to get moving more often this year.

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