Thursday, February 13, 2014

Finally Baking in Class

We started baking in class on Tuesday. It went pretty well, in my opinion.

Me and one of the two guys in the class (there are about 12 females in the class, including me) made biscuits and Valentine's day cookies.

The class also made petite fours, other cookies, tarts, pies, and corn muffins. It was pretty cool.

We were allowed to bring home some biscuits and corn muffins. I had some last night and they were pretty good.

The rest of the food was put in display cases to be sold to the public. I hope they like them!

I'm looking forward to baking more in class, and seeing how it all turns out.

The only down side to the class was that I cut my thumb on the knife I was using, which is from the pastry kit I got for the class. What a way to start the baking portion of class!

Fortunately, the cut isn't deep, but it'll definitely take a while for it to heal completely. I can't wait for it to go away, so I don't have to wear gloves all the time during class.

Otherwise, class went went, and am looking forward to next Tuesday's class!!

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