Thursday, April 8, 2010

100 Things About Me: The Next 25

26. My favorite boys' names are Michael, Christopher
27. I hate winter. It looks beautiful after a snowfall, but I hate being out in the stuff. I always look forward to spring, when the snow and ice melts, and the weather gets warmer.
28. The last year or two, I've been really interested in linguistics. I wonder how words come into existence, and why things are called what they are.
29. If I was stranded on a deserted island, I would have journals, pens, and a laptop with me.
30. I have 3 fears: Spiders, heights, and death.
31. My lucky number is 14 because that's my birthdate.
32. I have a thing for post-it notes.
33. I am a Su Doku freak. It is one of the best puzzles ever created.
34. I love teddy bears, big and small.
35. I love beanie babies.
36. I am a night owl, though on occasion, I get afraid of the dark for no apparent reason. But it's not that bad.
37. I love magnetic poetry. I have a Chrismas-themed set and a college-themed set.
38. I love dry erase boards. I usually just doodle on it, though I do write reminders on it, too.
39. I have been to the north, east, and west ends of the continental U.S. Hopefully soon I'll get to go to the south someday.
40. I keep a dream journal, as well as a regular journal. I love to see what my mind comes up with when I'm sleeping, and not in control of my mind.
41. I love rainstorms and thunderstorms.
42. Sometimes, I wish I was ambidexterous. I am right-handed, and want to be left-handed as well.
43. I love things that glow in the dark. I have glow-in-the dark stars on my bedroom ceiling.
44. I like to spend time alone, to think. I sometimes get stressed out by life (like anyone else would), so I got to my room to relax. It's like my own perfect little world.
45. Sometimes I get ideas for stories from dreams I've had. And a lot of my dreams are interesting enough to turn into stories.
46. I've never hosted a sleepover before. I'd like to host one, before I get too old for them.
47. I want to be a voice in an animated movie someday.
48. I have never been to any concerts or plays before, and I want to go to some someday.
49. I am a big procrastinator. Especially when it comes to cleaning my room.
50. I can never keep any New Year's resolutions I make, and I keep making resolutions each year, knowing full well what'll happen.

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