Tuesday, April 20, 2010

100 Things About Me: The Last 25

76. I have never been to Italy, but I am obsessed with that country. I love the language, pasta, and the people. I hope to visit Italy someday. Hopefully soon.
77. I wish I was a lot better at singing than I am now. I was in choir throughout school, except for college. If I was better at singing, I would be more willing to sing karaoke.
78. I am very passionate about disability rights, as I myself have a disability. Last summer, I went to the Illinois Youth with Disabilities Leadership SUmmit, and had such a great time there. We learned about our rights, and had fun as well. I hope I get to go again this year.
79. I've only gone camping (in a tent) once in my life, and the only parts I didn't like were that it was cold, and that I didn't get much sleep. Overall, though, it wasn't all that bad, since I was in a beautiful city (San Francisco), and had a great experience.
80. Whenever I have kids, I'm debating over whether or not I want to homeschool them. it's been on my mind for quite a while now. One of my friends was homeschooled until 8th grade, and she told me she liked it.
81. SOlitare is my favorite card game. It's a simple game, but I enjoy playing it.
82. My least favorite exercise is running. I hated running the mile in school, and am glad I don't have to do so again.
83. My favorite actor is Johnny Depp. A lot of the roles he's had were weird, but he plays them convincingly. I've always wanted to meet him, and I hope to do so someday soon.
84. For my last birthday, one of my friends paid me a surprise visit to give me a birthday present. She gave me a really nice card, and a beautiful heart-shaped picture frame. It was really nice of her to do, but it has made me feel like I'm obligated to give her something for her birthday now. Though, I wouldn't mind getting her something. She's my friend, and something would be better than nothing.
85. My cat being put down was one of the hardest things I've gone through. She was like a best friend to me. No matter what I went through, she was there for me. Now, with her gone, I feel like I'm alone. I know I have my friends and family, but having her with me made my life a whole lot better. I hate not having a pet in the house. I do want more pets someday. I hope that someday is real soon.
86. I am really sensitive by nature, so if someone says something, even when it's only supposed to be meant as constructive criticism, I get upset by it, or feel down because of it. I also cry when I see other people cry. I try not to let everything get to me, but it's hard.
87. My favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream.
88. I prefer chewy cookies over crunchy cookies.
89. I have been into science for as long as I can remember. I wonder how thyings work, and why they work the way they do. And how things come/came into being. I'm also interested in personalities, and why people act the way they do.
90. Another branch of science I'm interested in is Astronomy. I've always wanted to know how the planets and stars formed, why they are where they are, and why there are as many as there are. I also wonder how and why black holes form. And why it takes so long to get to some planets. And how many universes there are, and how far space goes on for. Pretty much everything about space interests me. Though, I'm not sure if I want to go into space. It would be cool to go, but I don't know if I want to make it a reality right now.
91. Like a lot of people, there are things about myself that I want to change, like my eyes, my hair, and my feet. There are physical conditions that I don't like, which makes me uncomfortable with my body.
92. When I had a birthmark on my neck, I felt even more uncomfortable with my body. I was so glad when it was removed, because I didn't/don't have to worry about it anymore, and I could feel better about my body, even just a little bit.
93. I have a very low tolerance for pain. Even if the pain is minor, like a headache, I complain about it, or I don't want to do anything. I know I have it better off than some people, but I don't like being in pain, no matter how bad or minor it is.
94. I love guys who have long hair, a beard, and a mustache. Though, some guys don't look good like that, in my opinion.
95. I also love guys with deep voices. Though, the deeper the voice, the weirder it sounds. I guess I like deep, low voices because they sound soothing. And cool.
96. I wish I could go back in time, to my elementary school days. Those were probably the best years of my life. I loved being in girl scouts, and going on the campouts, getting the badges, making crafts, and all the other stuff we did. I hope to be a girl school councelor someday. I also loved the field trips the teachers took us on, and the teachers I had.
97. My best friend from elementary school moved away in second or third grade. It was the worst day of my life then. I remember her mom took us out for ice cream, the day before they left. I miss her very much, and hope to see her again someday.
98. I prefer pens over pencils. Although, it is annoying if I make a mistake and can't erase it. For the last several years, I've written in pen a lot more than pencil. I don't know why I prefer pens more. It's just a habit I have.
99. For quite a while, I've been fascinated by magnets. It's interesting (and fun) to see which magnets are attracted to each other, and which aren't. And it's fun to decorate magnetic surfaces with funky magnets.
100. I am addicted to the Internet. I go on and stay on longer than I should, but it's hard to stay away. As soon as I get the Internet on my computer, I will probably cut down my Internet time.

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