Sunday, December 4, 2016

My Life Bucket List: Birthday

Have a piñata
Make pottery
Go ice skating
Have a tie dye party
Have a game night party
Have a spa day
Have a paint fight
Have a silly string fight
Go on a shopping spree
Have a glow in the dark bowling party
Build something at Build-a-Bear
Have a party at the local Escape Room
Go golfing
Go horseback riding
Get a bedroom makeover
Have a movie night
Have a surprise birthday party thrown for me
Make a homemade confetti cake
Masquerade party
Art party
Glow in the dark party
Photo booth
Sleepover/pajama party
Decade parties
Harry Potter party
Carnival party
Pool party
Winter Wonderland party
See Blue Man Group in person
Concerts of my favorite artists/music

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