Friday, September 11, 2015

Taking Better Care of Myself

For quite some time now, I have been wanting to start an exercise routine, and to eat healthier. I just lack the motivation to actually start either.

On Monday, a friend of mine offered to give me a three-day pass to a local gym that he goes to. I figured I would take him up on the offer, and we decided to meet up on Tuesday afternoon.

It actually went really well. My friend gave me a tour of the facilities, then we played basketball for a little while, then went on to use the treadmills. We were there for an hour, and to be honest, I was surprised I was able to last that long.

I am trying to find the best gym for me, that doesn't cost too much, and is close by. There are several gyms that are in the area, but most of them are more than I can really pay. Only one is decent, but it is one of the ones that's furthest from me.

Although, the gym I went to with my friend offers a scholarship if anyone needs it, which reduces the cost quite a bit, and it is one of the closer ones to me.

So, hopefully I can figure something out soon. I really want to get in better shape, and I want to start as soon as possible.

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