Sunday, August 30, 2015

Ready for a Relationship

I have decided that I am ready for a boyfriend.

For quite some time, I didn't want to have a boyfriend, as I wanted to mature as a person first.

And, I wanted to concentrate on school.

I'm still in school, but I have decided that I'm ready for a relationship now, and that I don't have to finish school before I can begin one. Although, I do plan to keep up with the schoolwork, of course!!

I am looking for a guy:
  who doesn't mind staying in sometimes (I'm not real big on going out),
  who's kind/caring,
  close in age to me (no more than three years difference either way),
  loves children and animals,
  loves to cook and/or bake,
  is patient,
  will love ALL of me/love me for me,
  who can be spontaneous,
  loves to travel,
  will always lift me up when I am feeling down,
  loves to read,
  loves to watch movies
He doesn't have to get me anything for my birthday, but he has to at least acknowledge it.

There may be other things I look for in a guy, but if he has these qualities, then I'll be very happy.

My parents had not forced me, or made me wait to start a relationship; this was all my decision. They never forced me to have a boyfriend, nor did the force me not to have one either. I think they wanted me to make my own decisions in terms of relationships.

Which I am very thankful for, as I don't think I would have been able to handle it if they forced me into a relationship.

Here's to hoping I find a good guy, who'll love me for me, and who'll love ALL of me.

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