Friday, June 30, 2017

Things That Made Me Happy in June

Here is what made me happy in June:
  • Finally getting to ride my bike again
  • Checking out the local Day In Our Village fest, and manning my works' booth for a couple of hours
  • Celebrating Father's Day
  • Getting my summer reading t-shirts from work
  • Getting a compliment from a co-worker, on a dress I wore
  • Getting a compliment from a co-worker, on my bike
  • Going to my town's Thursday Night Out a few times
  • Seeing a hummingbird come to drink from our feeder
  • Seeing Wonder Woman in theaters
  • Getting CPR certified
  • Getting to make a necklace for the summer reading program at the library (I LOVE beads!!!)
  • Seeing a female cardinal on the front porch
  • Seeing the Bean in Chicago
  • Seeing the Crown Fountain in Chicago
  • Going to a ukulele night in town
  • A little girl saying hi to me as I was volunteering one day
I know it's not very long, but at least I have a few things to be happy about this month.