Monday, July 17, 2017

Things I Am Grateful For

There are many, many things most people take for granted, but if we slow down and think a bit, we have so much to be grateful for. Especially this day in age.

Here are the things I am very grateful for.
  • First and foremost, my life
  • My family
  • My friends
  • Access to an education
  • Access to medicine and medical care
  • Access to a library
  • Access to many different resources (books, electronics, CDs, etc.)
  • Access to fresh, clean water
  • My job
  • My cats
  • A house to live in
  • Having clothes, shoes to wear
  • Living within walking distance of shops, restaurants, etc.
  • My bike
  • A bed to sleep in
  • Having my own bedroom
  • Blogs and other outlets that let me express myself (I am a very shy person, so actually speaking really scares me; writing/blogging/etc. really lets me get all the thoughts, emotions, and ideas out)
  • Having a roof over my head
  • Access to fresh food
  • Air conditiong/central air and heating
  • Transportation
  • Painting/drawing supplies
  • Those who are willing to give up their freedom (and sometimes their lives) for my freedom and life, and so that I can live the life that I want
  • Having my mom in my life for as long as I did
**Thanks to Sarah Jo Burch for the idea for this post!!!

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