Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Things That Made Me Happy in May

May was a good month for me, and I wanted to share what happened this month, that made me happy.
  • Getting to go to a local ukulele meetup with a coworker
  • Seeing Everything Everything in theaters
  • Going to the first Thursday Night Out that's in town
  • Going to the local Ethnic Festival
  • Shopping at a local thrift store
  • Going to another festival in town, and making a couple things at the bead shop
  • Getting an A as a final grade in my spring semester class
  • Going to Red Mango twice this month, and getting banana peanut butter smoothies (they are SOOOO good!!!)
  • The warm weather (at least, the days that were warm)
  • Getting a fidget spinner (yes, this made me happy!)
  • Ordering t-shirts for the library's summer reading program
  • The violin I ordered finally arriving
  • Making a bracelet at the local library (I love beads!!!)
  • Getting the first three seasons of Lost from the library's sale shelf
  • Meeting the library's newest friend, a comfort dog, that children can read to each month
  • Getting to decorate some cakes and cupcakes in one of the last classes of the semester
  • Celebrating a loved one's birthday

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