Saturday, July 30, 2016

Job Searching...Again

Well, it has been a year since that short-lived stint at a local ice cream shop (a few weeks; the manager/boss said that I "wasn't a good fit" for the company :(  ).

And I haven't had a job since then.

I have started the job search process again, though. So it's not like I haven't been doing nothing since the Cold Stone job (I volunteer on Fridays at the local library as well, which at least gets me out of the house once a week).

I had gone out to luch with a friend, on Thursday, and she offered to help me make an updated resume, to help out in the job search. It is just about finished; I have a few more things to add, and then it will be ready for those jobs that ask for a resume upon filling out job applications.

To be honest, I am glad my friend got me to fill out a resume this week, as I don't know when I would have done it if she hadn't.

I am mainly looking at bakeries/restaurants, or places that have bakeries, as that is my field of study in school (baking and pastry), but I am also looking at places like grocery stores, pet stores, the local library, etc.

I am hoping that I get another job soon, as it felt good to actually be doing something, and to be able to earn my own money, to buy things that I need and want. I jsut want to feel that independence again.

So, here's hoping to successfully landing another job, and keeping it a lot longer this time!!

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